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Holly left behind the hustle and bustle of London to explore remote spaces in the UK and Europe, before finding her way to The Lavender Project.


She's happiest when writing, singing or dancing and loves getting lost in a good podcast or long conversation.

Holly is a writer, cook, EFT tapping facilitator and a student of astrology 

Explorative writing for curious souls.

You can find Holly's writing on Instagram and Substack. 


Powered by her never-ending curiosity about the human experience, her vulnerable pieces explore the existential, aim to unravel layers of societal conditioning and feel into the beautifully raw spaces where growth and magic are found.

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Holly x The Lavender Project

After travelling around Spain, Portugal and Wales, Holly's Workaway adventures brought her to The Lavender Project in 2022. She now lives here full time and has got plenty of projects on the go, including co-running our Writers' Retreats, working on her collection of essays and poems, studying astrology and helping out with gardening, building and maintenance projects.

Holly loves living in community, nestled among the mountains and trees and takes every opportunity to get creative, swim in the river, cook on the fire and cuddle up with the cats. 

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