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Clare is an Eco and Community Artist originally from South East London. She makes all her work from collected rubbish, aiming to explore materials and celebrate the breadth of human ingenuity in inventing the substances around us. 

Community Projects 

Clare has 20 years experience working with young people in community and home-ed groups, schools, alternative provisions and PRUs.

Her workshops are designed bespoke with the aims of:

  • Facilitating high quality art works made by the students.

  • Improving focus patience, determination and resilience to disappointment.

  • Trusting young people to carry out something independently to increase their confidence and belief in their own competence. This will transfer to other activities and areas of their lives.

  • Learning about materials: how they are made, how they behave and how they can be used to increase awareness of the material world around us.

  • Making learners more careful consumers of products and more aware of how they may impact the environment.

  • Fuelling our ability to fabricate things in our imagination and gives us more of a sense that we can change our lives and our circumstances.

  • Building practical skills and dexterity are being constantly practiced in all my activities. These are transferable into all areas of life, and can also be very beneficial in gaining well paid employment later in the students' lives.

  • Improving focus, dexterity, aim and care to use appropriate force.

  • Learning safe and appropriate use of tools and equipment.

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